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Pomerantz serves on the Executive Committee in this antirust class action filed on behalf of End-Payor Purchaser Plaintiffs of Lipitor and/or its generic bioequivalents for violations of antitrust and consumer protection laws. Plaintiffs allege that Defendant Pfizer, the manufacturer of Lipitor, conspired with Defendant Ranbaxy, a manufacturer of generic Lipitor, to delay the entry of generic Lipitor into the market for two years and therefore, allowed Pfizer to monopolize the market with brand Lipitor for two years beyond Pfizer’s patent exclusivity. More specifically, Plaintiffs allege Defendant Pfizer fraudulently procured a patent covering Lipitor, then engaged in sham litigation concerning that patent, in order to keep generic versions of Lipitor off of the market. As a result of the delay of a generic version of Lipitor, consumers and third party payors (such as Union Health and Welfare Funds) had to pay substantially more for Lipitor and its generic bioequivalents than they would have in the absence of Defendants’ anticompetitive conduct.