Pomerantz LLP


Pomerantz is a leader in complex antitrust litigation. Antitrust actions focus on a wide variety of wrongful business practices which include price-fixing, attempted monopolization, and customer and market allocation. In its prosecution of antitrust class actions, Pomerantz seeks recovery on behalf of individuals and businesses who have been financially injured by the defendants’ anti-competitive conduct.

Partner Jayne Arnold Goldstein leads Pomerantz’s Antitrust team. Ms. Goldstein has served as class counsel in a wide variety of consumer class litigation, and her many notable successes include achieving the largest settlement ever against a food company. She is currently interim co-lead counsel for indirect purchasers in In re Androgel Antitrust Litigation (No. II) and In re Nexium Antitrust Litigation.

Pomerantz has served in a leadership role in numerous complex and high profile antitrust actions. In In re Salomon Brothers Treasury Litigation, the Firm, as co-lead counsel, recovered $100 million for the class. This case shows the level of resources that we dedicate to litigation to ensure that our clients are fully protected. In In re Salomon Brothers Treasury Litigation, we alleged that defendants had manipulated or cornered the cash and financing markets for certain U.S. Treasury notes, which entailed a complex, esoteric scheme of fraudulently coordinating purchases and sales of the notes. We were able to litigate the case successfully against formidable defendants and defense counsel and to obtain a very large recovery for the class after years of vigorous prosecution, including an appeal to the Second Circuit.

Another notable case in which Pomerantz played a prominent role is In re NASDAQ Market-Makers Antitrust Litigation which resulted in a settlement in excess of $1 billion for class members.