Pomerantz LLP


Pomerantz is committed to ensuring that companies adhere to responsible business practices and practice good corporate citizenship. We strongly support policies and procedures designed to give shareowners the ability to oversee the activities of a corporation. Strong corporate governance principles serve to make corporate directors and executives more accountable to shareowners, thereby instilling confidence among investors and maximizing long-term shareowner value.

Pomerantz has successfully utilized litigation to bring about corporate governance reform in numerous cases, and always considers whether such reforms are appropriate before any case is settled.

Our commitment to advancing sound corporate governance principles is demonstrated by the more than 26 years that we have co-sponsored The Pomerantz Lecture Series with Brooklyn Law School. These lectures focus on critical and emerging issues concerning shareholder rights and corporate governance and brings together top academics and litigators.

Our bi-monthly newsletter, The Pomerantz Monitor, provides institutional investors updates and insights on current issues in corporate governance.

Click here for a description of the Firm’s Latest News and Accomplishments, many of which have corporate governance components.