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Words From an Appreciative Lead Plaintiff

After Pomerantz’s litigation against Delcath Systems, Inc. settled favorably on behalf of the Class, Marc Gross and Tamar Weinrib received the following letter of thanks from a Lead Plaintiff:

Ref:  DCTH Class Action Lawsuit

Well, our three year journey has finally come to an end, and I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for making this an interesting, educational, rewarding, and memorable experience for me.  It was a great pleasure to work with you and other members of your firm.  Your hard work, diligence, knowledge, and skill could not have been surpassed, in my opinion.

When choosing a law firm to represent my interests in the DCTH lawsuit, I like to think that I did sufficient research before signing with Pomerantz..  My primary criteria was simple:  the firm was in New York City (where I feel are the best in America); the firm was old and well established; and the firm was a true pioneer in representing defrauded investors in securities litigation - at which it's been extremely successful.  Pomerantz fit this definition perfectly.

As we got into the meat of the lawsuit, I realized that the firm was well respected, trustworthy, and vibrant.  And all of these characteristics were exemplified by Marc Gross and Tamar Weinrib, my primary contacts throughout the process.  They were extremely responsive and available when needed, always had my best interests at heart, and did a magnificent job of building my trust and giving me the guidance to become, what I felt, was a worthy Lead Plaintiff.

And finally, they delivered! The result of this lawsuit greatly exceeded my expectations, and I will always value the acquaintances made and the "experience of the journey" with Pomerantz LLC.


 Sam A. Etheridge


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