Pomerantz LLP

Átila De Carvalho Beatrice Condini

International Staff Attorney

New York

Securities Litigation

Pontifical University Catholic of São Paulo

Brazilian Bar Association


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Átila de Carvalho Beatrice Condini, an international staff attorney at Pomerantz, focuses on class action securities litigation.

Mr. Condini brings to Pomerantz his 13 years’ expertise in complex Brazilian federal legal, procedural, and regulatory issues. He is a member of Pomerantz’s team for two securities class actions against Brazilian companies: In re Petrobras Sec. Litig., and Manidhar Kukkadapu, et al. v. Embraer, et al.

Mr. Condini is a partner (on leave) at the law firm, Condini & Tescari Advogados, in São Paolo, Brazil, where he was responsible for the tax and litigation divisions. Before that, he was an associate and senior associate at two other major Brazilian law firms in São Paolo. During such period, he successfully worked on cases that became benchmarks in the Brazilian legal scenario. In one of them, he prepared a brief in the Extraordinary Appeal nº 559.937, whose thesis was accepted by the Brazilian Supreme Court, reducing the social contribution taxes (PIS / COFINS-Importação) levied on imports. In another case, he defended an advanced interpretation about D&O responsibilities, which was also accepted by the Brazilian  Supreme  Court  in the  Extraordinary  Appeal nº 562.276.

Mr. Condini has also been attentive to social causes, not only practicing pro bono, but also in the human rights field. For example, Mr. Condini conducted a legal research project that ultimately resulted in the human rights group, Tortura Nunca Mais, being able to help fund and support the creation of a free virtual library focused on keeping alive Brazilian recent history for future generations.

In 2006, Mr. Condini received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Pontifical University Catholic of São Paulo (“PUC/SP”). In 2008, he received a specialized law degree in taxation from PUC/SP.