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After Market Filters

This case was filed against the major "after market" manufacturers of oil, air, fuel and transmission filters. Plaintiffs allege that Defendants, including Champion Laboratories, Inc.; United Components, Inc.; Purolator Filters NA LLC; Honeywell International, Inc.; Wix Filtration Corp., LLC; Cummins Filtration, Inc.; The Donaldson Company; Baldwin Filters, Inc.; Bosch U.S.A.; Mann+Hummel USA, Inc.; and ArvinMeritor, Inc, engaged in a price-fixing conspiracy to set the prices of these products sold in the United States. The Complaint alleges that Defendants coordinated price increases of filters through participation in meetings such as the annual Filter Council meeting held in Nashville, Tennessee. The action was filed based upon information provided by a former senior sales executive employed by two defendants.  The information provided includes recorded conversations and personal knowledge of the collusive meetings and agreements. As a result of this anticompetitive conduct, consumers have been and continue to pay artificially high prices for filters. If you purchased a filter directly from a Defendant from January 1, 1999 to the present you are likely a member of the Class.