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Air Cargo

Pomerantz is one of many law firms that brought and is currently involved in a massive antitrust class action on behalf of purchasers of air cargo shipping services against 26 international air cargo carriers that allege a world-wide price-fixing conspiracy in violation of the United States antitrust laws. More specifically, the Complaint alleges the Defendants’ collusion forced consumers and businesses to pay artificially high prices for air cargo services (the surcharges were often as high as 50% of a customer's bill, from January 1, 2000 to the present. 

Many of the air cargo shipping companies involved have pled guilty to federal criminal antitrust violations, collectively paying over $1.5 billion in criminal fines to the United States government. This case is still pending in the Eastern District of New York although as of February 2014, the court has granted final or preliminary approval of more than $750 million in partial settlements with a number of defendants.