Pomerantz LLP


Investment plan fiduciaries have a duty to preserve and protect the beneficiaries pension plan investments. In this regard, it is imperative that they understand and make informed decisions concerning potential legal claims that the institution may have and participate in settlements from which the institution may be eligible to receive monies.

In order to assist our clients in fulfilling these responsibilities, Pomerantz has developed a proprietary portfolio monitoring system called PomTrack©. This system enables us to quickly identify fund losses that may have been caused by financial misconduct and is the first step in our in-depth case evaluation process. PomTrack© tracks and evaluates securities class action settlements in which our clients may have claims. Through monthly, personalized reports, we advise clients of every settlement in which they might be eligible to participate, and the important deadlines for filing proofs of claims. 

For further information regarding portfolio monitoring, please contact portfoliomonitoring@pomlaw.com.