Pomerantz LLP



Pomerantz is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Paris.

For over 80 years, Pomerantz LLP has championed the rights of defrauded investors and consumers, recovering well over $1 billion on their behalf. We consistently shape the law, having won landmark decisions that have expanded and protected investor and consumer rights, and initiated historic corporate governance reforms.

Pomerantz is a recognized leader in securities litigation. Our clients include some of the largest individual and institutional investors and financial institutions around the globe. We also have an accomplished team dedicated to representing the interests of shareholders in M&A litigation, and have earned a national reputation for our expertise in antitrust litigation and corporate governance litigation.

Our clients receive the complimentary benefit of our innovative PomTrack© portfolio monitoring system. Currently, Pomerantz monitors $4 trillion worth of investments. PomTrack© reviews institutional investor portfolios and identifies losses due to financial misconduct, thereby notifying fiduciaries and enabling them to make informed decisions in order to maximize potential recoveries. 



Pomerantz Attributes its Success and Longevity
to Three Core Values:


  1. We believe that the practice of law is a noble profession, and that the ability to represent others in legal proceedings is a solemn responsibility; we are committed to the highest ethical standards.

  2. We believe that every client has unique interests and needs that must be reflected in the advice we provide, the recommendations we make, and the work we perform.

  3. We believe that our clients are entitled to the highest quality work product and that there is no substitute for attention to detail, innovative legal thinking, articulate writing, and the ability to present convincing arguments in open court.

Consistent with its ethical commitments, Pomerantz takes great pride in the methodical and client-specific way in which it analyzes cases and conducts itself in litigation. While the Firm has the financial, technological and legal resources necessary to represent clients successfully against corporations defended by the most powerful defense firms, its optimal size allows it to offer each client individual attention. The Firm always puts the interests of its clients ahead of its own and understands that sometimes the best course of action for a client is not to bring an action.

The Firm is ready, willing and able to take complex cases to trial. We have a team of highly skilled attorneys who have over 175 years of collective experience. The Firm’s expertise has been recognized by courts around the country who have consistently acknowledged the ability of our attorneys to vigorously pursue the claims of investors and consumers.

The Firm has played an active role in the development of the ethical rules that bind those who practice law. Senior Counsel and former managing partner, Stanley M. Grossman, served on the Ethics Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Pomerantz has never been sanctioned for any ethical misconduct and practices law in an open and transparent manner.


Pomerantz is firmly committed to having a diverse workforce and has several minority attorneys. We believe that diversity unleashes innovation by creating an environment where "outside the box" ideas are heard. More than 45% of Pomerantz partners and 37% of Pomerantz associates are women, figures which earned Pomerantz the number one ranking in 2015 for Best Plaintiffs' Class Action Law Firm for Women Attorneys in the Securities 360 Glass Ceiling Report. 

In 2016, Pomerantz was honored by the Equal Rights Advocates ("ERA") for its outstanding commitment to diversity and equal opportunities for women. In addition, Partners Murielle Steven Walsh and Jennifer Pafiti have been appointed to serve on the ERA's Honorary Steering Committee, which focuses on specific issues that women face in the legal profession.

Pomerantz is an Equal Opportunity Employer and contacts minority bar associations as a matter of course in recruitment efforts. Resumes can be e-mailed to partner Murielle Steven Walsh.